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Customer Calling Queue – Is It a Big Deal?

Your Customer Calling Queue is a VERY BIG DEAL.  It is how the system tells you that material that is on order by YOUR CUSTOMER is now ready for YOU to actually get to your customer.

When you set the Order Status on the status screen to one of the several ‘call’ statuses, and the status is satisfied, the order will appear in your queue.

The most common is ‘Call When Complete’.  That means that all items on the order are now in stock and available for the customer.  You then can 1) get the order on your next truck to your customer, 2) tell your customer to come and pick it up, or 3) call your customer to see exactly when they want it.  That is how you provide excellent customer service.

Other calling statuses behave as they are listed – Call When Available will notify you when ANY item on the order is available to ship.  Call When Specified will tell you it is now time to call and find out if your customer is ready for the material.

Be sure to find out how to ‘Log a Call’ from your calling queue.  It lets you document your conversation with your customer (and is kept in the log of the order.)  You should set a follow-up date for your next call if the customer is ‘not ready yet’.  When your customer says to check back in 1 week, you just log the call and set the date out a week.  When your customer says that ‘you never told me it came in’, it is nice to look at your logged calls and politely remind him that you left word with another person in their organization on April 13 at 2:09 pm (because you did and it was in the log.)

You can also set up more than one calling queue widgets on your desktop.  When you are covering for another salesperson on vacation, simply set up a calling queue for their orders.  Also, if you are teamed up with an outside salesperson, you can watch their calling queue and process orders in real time.  Otherwise customer order will wait to get processed until the outside salesman finally logs on the system, often in the evening.

It is a ‘Best Practice’ to have an empty Calling Queue at the end of your day.  It means that all order issues have been addressed.  And when you come in the next day, only new items will appear.  The sooner those new items are taken care of, the more excellent your customer service is.  And we all know that we keep customers with great customer service and can lose customers with anything less than great service.

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